John Sherwood is a dynamic and experienced English Cinematographer, Producer and Director based in Berlin, Germany. He approaches his projects with style, sophistication and a clear point of view.
John achieved his technical skills working as a producer & director for MTV Europe directing and producing endless features and numerous projects all around the world for almost 20 years.
For documentaries John is steadfast in his quest to experience the authenticity of all walks of live and to work within challenging and diverse environments always trying to capture that intimate moment.
In commercial work he brought his intense and authentic style to clients like UEFA, German Ski Foundation and o2.
John´s focus lies on documentaries, corporate films, lifestyle and live entertainment.
John Sherwood stands for credible, emotional and authentic films.

Production facilities:

Full HD mobile / travel production and editing facilities:

-Canon 5D iii camera, follow focus & rig equipment

-mini crane



-drone aerial footage (optional)

-light equipment

-audio recording

-FCPX mobile editing

-Motion 5 animation & graphics

Sample 1)  filmed in Spain with slider & dolly incl. motion graphics.

Sample 2)  filmed in England with mini crane, flycam, slider & dolly

Sample 3)  filmed in Milano with dolly incl. optional floor plan graphics

Sample 4)  filmed in Dubai out and about sight seeing



Sample 1:

Sample 2:

Sample 3:

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Sample 4: